More Yorkiepoo Information

What in the world is a Yorkiepoo? This name is only another name for the Yorkshire Terrier. The term Yorkiepoo is only used because they are just the cutest, most adorable dogs, actually being the number two most popular breed of dog in the world. The Yorkie is one of the greatest dogs you would ever have, should you have one of them. Maybe one of the biggest and largest dogs in terms of overall doglike qualities, though trapped in a body even smaller than that of a Chihuahuas, the Yorkshire Terrier is considered to be the most popular dog, in that it may be brought absolutely anywhere nowadays because of its little built. This does not rob them, however, of their amazing dog qualities. General Yorkiepoo information follows just ahead.
Yorkiepoo information should begin with their physical appearance. Not to be mistaken for a big hairy rat, the Yorkie is a fierce and an alpha dog trapped inside a body of a toy dog. They are hairy (which will be looked upon more later on), and nimble; quick on their feet. They have features which will definitely make you carry them around. They are brave, clever, agile, and very loyal. They will take on bigger and larger dogs and will not seem to back down until you pull them away. Although an admirable trait, it will prove to become more of a concern since they have such small bodies. Regardless, they will do what any other dog would do when it has a familyprotect them and watch over them. This is what makes the Yorkie so adorable.

When at all fours, the Yorkshire Terrier is about 15 up to 17 centimeters, or about 6 to 7 inches tall.

It should only weight up to about 3 to about 5 kilograms or 7 to 10 pounds.

Coat Care:
One of the greatest Yorkiepoo information tidbits about it is its coat care; or rather, hair care. The Yorkshire Terrier has more of human-like hair than it has fur. This makes it sort of hypoallergenic to humans, as other sources would say. They would require daily combing for the long, flowing coats, and weekly for the puppy cut types of coats.

Family Life:
Yorkies are such great dogs and loyal companions which always want to be with their families or owners. They dislike being left alone.

Usually energetic, and willing to please, Yorkshire Terriers are essentially lap dogs, with the eagerness of having the lifestyles of the bigger dogs.

Since they are toy dogs with little bodies, they of course have tender bones. Be careful not to drop them or put a lot of pressure on their bodies.

As mentioned a lot of times, the Yorkie is a big dog in a small dogs body. They will run, and run, and run. They are still Terriers at heart so they will do whatever any Terrier would do.

This breed of dog is very easy to train for they love pleasing their owners. One of the last bits of Yorkiepoo information.

Training Yorkiepoo Dogs & More

So you wanted to brag around the metro or impress a crush in the park. Youre leash is ready and so are your dog food and pet house. Youve even thought of a name already to give your adorable pet that has long lingering in your dreams and fantasies. Only one thing is missing your doggy pet.

Of course you dont want to have just some pet. You like a unique one some buddy that says, Ill hold you at Bark! Bark!

If this is exactly you, then youre ready to meet yorkiepoo dogs.

Yorkiepoo dogs are cross-breeds of a Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle. Depending on the manner it has been hybrid, the way to determine its temperament could come from a variety of characteristics from either the yorkie or the poo.

Primary reasons why cross breeders made this hybrid is to achieve the Poodles non-shedding coat characteristics from a Yorkshire kind of dog. Also known, as Yorkie Doodles, yorkiepoo dogs are pleasant-faced and lovable kinds of pets.

The Yorkiepoo is a jolly, smart and active dog. He is a picture of a family dog that is liked by kids and loves to play different kinds of games with their owners. They also make great security dogs and are completely dedicated to serving their family owners. They like to be included in all kinds of family fun and appreciate all kinds of expression of affection.

Yorkiepoo dogs love socializing with other pets or friends. During their early age, it is good to get them together with different kinds of pets or children so that they can easily get along with a variety of surroundings.

Yorkiepoo dogs have an approximate life span of 15 years. Since they are cross-breeds, they do not reflect the same health difficulties the parent breeds use to have. However, they are prone to eye difficulties like cataracts sensitive response to anesthesia. They may experience dental problems, too, but this may be remedied by allowing them to chew on toys and providing solid food.

Since these are the cases, these pets require a lot of attention when it comes to maintenance. They need to be brushed weekly and bathed whenever necessary. They may enjoy taking strides at the park daily or doing outdoor activities but they may not be left to live outdoors. Trim hair around their eyes and ears so infections will be prevented from those areas.

Above all, the important thing is to treat your pets with much love and care. Dogs are mans best friend and this is how they long to be treated.#

Finding Yorkiepoo Breeders

The Yorkiepoo, a mix between the Poodle and Yorkshire Terrier breeds, is an adventurous little pup who can be a fun home companion with adorable antics that can amuse you no end. Acquired from reputable Yorkiepoo breeders, these pups tend to be low maintenance and can stay happy & healthy for as long as theyre well cared for.
The Yorkiepoos coat is low shedding, making it a suitable pet for those who are susceptible to allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems. Good breeders of Yorkiepoos strive to come up with healthier pups with lessened chance for developing genetic disease by focusing on “hybrid vigor” and the Heterosis effect. The latter is the process of crossing two inbred lines to create puppies with superior genetic foundation.

Once a dog lover brings home such a pup, it is up to that owner to ensure the absolute care for the Yorkiepoo to prevent ailments. An all-natural, grain-free diet, with probiotics can help keep the pup in healthy shape. Regular veterinary check-up is likewise essential.

Some dog owners share that puppies purchased from pet stores may be physically and temperamentally unsound. This means that Yorkiepoo buyers may end up with dogs that are often ill and show bad temperament. Getting your puppies from good Yorkiepoo breeders ensures that much attention has been given to the dogs health and early socialization.

To get a certified healthy pup, ask your veterinarian for recommendations on reliable breeders. Or you can conduct a thorough web search on organizations comprised by responsible Yorkiepoo breeders. Some of these organizations adhere to strict procedures and protocols in monitoring professional breeders.
Yorkiepoo owners have mixed sentiments on the ease with which their pups were trained. Some say that their pooches were hard to housebreak, whereas others share that their Yorkiepoo pups were easy to train. Yorkiepoo is hardwired to be stubborn, but with firm training using positive reinforcement techniques, the canine can be an obedient and wonderful pet.

The Yorkiepoo can amaze you with its smartness and endear itself to you with its affectionate ways. Though small, Yorkiepoos can serve as alert watch dogs. The dog breed is generally prone to certain disorders like urinary tract disorders, kneecap problem, cataract, epilepsy, and hypoglycemia. People who got their ups from substandard Yorkiepoo breeders that have not attended to puppy shots and provided good nutrition end up dealing with more problems.

Yorkiepoo Puppy Care Made Easy

A yorkiepoo is a hybrid of a Yorkshire Terrier and a poodle. Yorkiepoos are tremendously furry and cute, making them one of the most lovable small dog hybrids. As a new dog breed, yorkiepoos are seeing a growth in followers and breeders all over the United States. To be a part of this community, it is important to be equipped with the necessities of caring for a yorkiepoo puppy.

Basic Information
A yorkiepoo can reach a height of 6 to 9 inches and can weigh between 4 to 15 pounds. These small dogs have smooth straight or wavy coats. Yorkiepoos are known as hypoallergenic dogs, and are compatible with owners who are prone to allergies. So far, breeders have recognized tri-colored variety of coats, including black, tan, red, white and apricot.
Yorkipoos are small dogs with big hearts. Despite their size and sweet face, they are great watchdogs. They are also compatible with kids, and are highly sociable, lovable and playful.

Obtaining a Puppy
Yorkiepoos are relatively new, so interested owners should find breeders if they want to have a yorkiepoo puppy. Remember to always check the breeder’s credentials by obtaining a pedigree of the puppy or asking for the puppy’s parents.

Yorkiepoo Puppy Care
Caring for your yorkiepoo is essential for his overall health. Being an attentive owner will also improve your relationship with the pup as he grows. This means a lifetime of fun and companionship!

A yorkiepoo puppy needs lots of nutrients for growth and to improve his resistance. Puppies in general also thrive with more calories in their diet. Variety is a must to ensure that your puppy receives a balanced nutrition. They should also be fed frequently throughout the day. The amount of food is not specific, and depends on your pup’s level of activity. But remember to feed shreds or finely chopped food as the pup’s mouth is very small.

Yorkiepoos in general are a highly active breed, and their energy can peak during their puppy years. Take your yorkiepoo pup to short walks and train him to follow commands and simple tricks to expend his energy.

Grooming is important for yorkiepoos to maintain a soft coat free of tangles. When your pup’s coat starts to lengthen, brush or comb his hair daily, or groom depending on the texture of the hair. Get regular trims for your yorkiepoo to keep stray hair away from the eyes.
Vaccinations and deworming is crucial while the yorkiepoo is still a puppy. Do not forget to visit the vet for shots and boosters during this stage, as this will help protect them from diseases. Puppies are very prone to sickness, and it is important to get them to the vet as soon as symptoms develop or if your puppy’s behavior suddenly changes.

Final Words
A yorkiepoo puppy is a huge responsibility. They have physical and emotional needs that owners should be ready to fulfill. Give him all the love he needs and you’ll have a friend for keeps.

Training Yorkiepoo Puppies

Gone are those days when big guard dogs use to roam the houses. These days, more people especially women go for the cute adorable ones. One of the mixed-breed that is enjoying an increasing rate of popularity are the yorkiepoos. Basically, the yorkiepoo puppies are offsprings of a Yorkshire terrier and Poodle parents. These fluffy dogs are friendly and playful. They adore children and they are great companions. However, just like other dogs, these yorkiepoo puppies need to be trained as well.

Here are some steps on how owners can train their yorkiepoo puppies from a young age:

1. Be the pack leader. This is always the most important thing. Since childhood, dogs must already know who is the master. If not, owners would surely have a hard time raising their dogs and making them follow their orders.

2. As much as these adorable puppies make great cuddle buddies, they must know their position at home. Avoid future control issues by letting the puppy sleep on its own area, preferably a nice bed or a doggie crate.

3. Dogs thrive with schedules. Try to create a favorable schedule for the puppy and try to stick to it. Since puppies are still young, they need lots of energy so there must be ample time for naps. Once the puppy wakes up from the nap, take him/her outside.

4. House-train the yorkiepoo puppies as early as possible. Use a a litter box, create a schedule that includes their “pee-ing and poop-ing” time. In a matter of days, puppies would be able to control their bladder and adjust to this schedule. So it is very important to be consistent!

5. If the puppy starts to make mistakes like peeing on the rug or chewing on household objects, just firmly say “No.” and bring the puppy to his “toilet area.” Avoid shouting or hitting the puppies. This is a major no-no.

6. When owners are doing other things like working at home, doing household chores, or doing homework, give the puppy something to play with. If possible, bring the puppy on the same room with the owner. This will teach the puppy that even if his owner is busy, he can still be with him and enjoy it.

7. When going out, put the puppy inside the crate. Young dogs must not be left on their own for more than three hours. If going away for long hours, ask somebody to look after the puppy.

8. Owners must take note of their puppy’s routine. Some dogs need to relieve themselves more than once while other dogs prefer to do it with big time intervals. There are also dogs who urinate then defecate after, while others do the opposite.

9. One of the ideal ways to train the yorkiepoo puppies is through paper training. This is done usually on the kitchen where owners cover the floor with paper where the puppies can relieve themselves. As each day passes by, there must be less and less paper to the point that the area would be very limited. After this, move the paper training outside or on a litter box.

10. Once the puppy is used to paper training outside the house or on a litter box, then he can be brought outdoors to do his business. When walking the puppy so he can relieve himself, put a piece of paper on the grass/ground. The puppy will then get the message that this is where he needs to do it. After some time, the puppy will get the routine and paper would no longer be needed.

Owning a Yorkiepoo Puppy

A yorkiepoo (also known as a yoodle or yorkapoo) is a hybrid dog. This dog was bred first in USA, by the cross breeding of a poodle (but in most cases the toy poodle or miniature poodle) and a Yorkshire Terrier, or by the breeding of a yorkiepoo to yorkiepoo.

The general appearance of yorkiepoos may vary from black to tan to mix of white and brown. The height of this dog breed may range from 7 to 15 inches and may weigh between 2-20 pounds. These dogs can be bred from two hybrid parents or two purebred parents. They have a smooth coat with silky and wavy hair. Yorkiepoos are very smart dogs and can be easily trained. Legitimate dog breed organizations like the AKC, UKC, and CKC, do not officially recognize this hybrid as a breed. However, several major kennel clubs do accept the registration of crossbreeds and mixed-breeds for some performance events like agility and obedience. As a cross breed between a Poodle and a Yorkshire Terrier, this dog may come in different colors and sizes depending on what the parents looked like as well as how big they were.

Human food should not be given to this dog. They should only eat food that is typical for small-medium sized dogs. Yorkiepoo puppies should be fed only three times a day until they reached 6 months. After 6 months, the feedings should be reduced to twice a day. Feeding must be according to the weight of your dog and follow the instructions on the dog food bag. Naturally, the bigger the dog is, the more they want to eat.

You may walk your yorkiepoo for at least three times a week. Because of its small size, daily walks for these dogs are not necessary. However, a yorkiepoo can get easily excited and most often they are full of energy. These dogs can make great apartment pets, but they will need a lot of personal attention from the owner in order to be happy.

Yorkiepoos need daily brushing or combing. The coat of your yorkiepoo may resemble the coat of a terrier or a poodle, as such grooming tips may actually vary. Unless you are a patient groomer, you need to visit a dog groomer regularly to care for the coat of your yorkiepoo. At the minimum, these dogs need a quick comb every day.

Proper vaccinations must be observed according to schedule. Yorkiepoo puppies should get their first DHLPP vaccine for distemper and parvo between 6-8 weeks of age. Yorkiepoo puppies should get additional boosters every 2-3 weeks until 4 boosters have been given. After that, yorkiepoo puppies will need a booster vaccine once a year.

Yorkiepoo puppies must be dewormed at least twice and it should be 2 weeks apart. Test must be done on the dog for the presence of parasites once a year and must be quickly treated. Dogs easily contract parasites and there are warning signs of this being so like diarrhea and upset stomach.

You must feed your yorkiepoo with warm milk and honey if it gets overexcited or overly stressed. It is a common trait of small dog breeds to become very stressed and hyper, and the mixture of warm milk and honey can calm them. You may also try giving them Happy Traveler Pet Treatment mixed with Kava. Kava is very recommendable as it is known for its calming effect.

Yorkiepoo Care & Training Tips

The hybrid yorkiepoos are said to be healthier than their ancestral breed Poodle and Yorkshire Terrier. However, they should still be engaged in healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and proper feeding of good food. They are not spared from Hip Dysplasia (or the abnormal loosening of muscles and connective tissues of the hip), Luxating Patella (dislocation or improper movement of the kneecap for dogs), Legg-Calv-Perthes Syndrome (a condition where the dog faces an addition or loss of bone mass at the ball-point of the hip joint) and Liver Shunt the shutting down of liver because of increased toxic levels in the bloodstream. Here, blood flows around the liver and not through it).
Yorkiepoo care has its own especial conditions especially for owners who want to sustain the active and ever starry characteristics of their designer hybrid dog. Here are some Yorkiepoo care tips you might find helpful:

Feed your Yorkiepoos three times a day until they reach six months of age. After this age, they can then be fed only twice a day. However, their feeding necessity should still be based on the weight of your dog and the instruction indicated by the dog food brand you have bought. And of course, the bigger your dog is, the bigger the amount of food they should be served. Feed them with warm milk and honey whenever you think they are stressed. This mixture calms them well.
Walk with your Yorkiepoo at least three times a week. This breed is excitable and very energetic. Letting them use up this energy will be very beneficial to their health and lifestyle. They are naturally happy dog, but yorkiepoos need constant attention to sustain this.

Grooming your yorkiepoo may vary depending on the traits it has resembled from its parent breeds. Grooming tips may vary if your pet acquired more traits from its poodle parent or from its Yorkshire Terrier mom. Moreover, the basic rule to yorkiepoo care when it comes to grooming is regular combing. A quick comb out every day will help to untangle their long coat and make it shiny and healthy. However, an occasional visit to pet groomer will be very beneficial to your yorkiepoo as nothing beats a groom from experts and pet care givers.

Complete vaccination procedures as scheduled. Yorkiepoo puppies should be given their first DHLPP (distemper and parvo) vaccine as early as 6 and 8 weeks after birth. Additional boosters meanwhile should be given every two to three weeks until four months. After this, a yearly booster vaccine should be completed. Apart form vaccine schedules, your yorkiepoo should also be dewormed at least twice, when they are young as it is easy for you dog to come in contact with parasites.

However, the best yorkiepoo care tip to ensure that your yorkiepoo is safe from any of illness is to have your yorkiepoo under regular veterinary check ups.

Yorkiepoo Training Made Easy

A Yorkiepoo is a dog breed that resulted from mating a Yorkshire Terrier with a poodle. Just like all other dog breeds, Yorkiepoo training is essential in letting your dog learn how to socialize and act around you, other people and other animals. With your Yorkiepoos small size and playful nature, they make for great family pets. They also stay small even as they age which makes them all the more a cuddly dog that you can bring almost anywhere with you.
As you start training your Yorkiepoo, you have to establish your leadership. You have to let your dog know that you are the master and that he or she should follow you. You dont need to establish your leadership by hurting your dog. By just making sure that you have a firm voice when you command and by bonding with your dog, you can let your pet realize that you should be followed. In Yorkiepoo training, you must set your dogs boundaries. It is an option for you to give your dog a special space in the house where he or she can run around freely.

If you prefer Yorkiepoo training at home, you have to make sure that you teach your dog well by repeating the commands you want him or her to learn again and again. Dogs are creatures of habit and if theyre used to doing one thing, they will do it whenever you ask them to. If you have the patience and the time to devote to Yorkiepoo training, you will be doing practically the same things they do at obedience schools. Compared to other breeds, your Yorkiepoo is not really the dangerous type of dog. In fact, theyre quite pleasant with other people. In time, your Yorkiepoo will be able to do many tricks if you keep on training him or her. Treats and positive reinforcement work well with this dog breed as theyre quite playful but very affectionate towards their owner. This kind of treatment works well with them because this is how they also treat their owners. Once they recognize you as their owner and teacher, they will remain loyal to you.

Aside from training them with commands and other tricks, you have to first housebreak your Yorkiepoo. They have to know the areas in the house where they can do their business. They also have to be oriented that your home is now their home and that they should behave. Familiarizing them with their surroundings from the first day you take them home will help. After they know where they can stay and where they can eat as well as do other things, you can know start training them. These dogs are indeed very trainable and are very friendly. They are suitable for families with small children. With their happy temperament theyre a great family pet. They are the best choice whether you live in a small or wide space.

Yorkiepoo Rescue Hints & Tips

The yorkiepoo is a hybrid dog between a Miniature Poodle and a Yorkshire Terrier. Through the years, yorkiepoo rescue has been prevalent in various areas, especially within families who have so many dogs these little ones remain ignored. Another source of these rescued yorkiepoo are accidental litters that owners aren’t expecting or doesn’t even want to have. Usually, in a yorkiepoo rescue, the dog would have a small body frame and matts all over its coat. Constant brushing of the coat can help fix the matts and if its summer, shaving it off is a good idea too.
These small breeds of dogs are filled with energy and would enjoy playing around with humans and animals. It is very adaptable to a loving environment and most dogs that were retrieved from a yorkiepoo rescue incident are so affectionate and friendly they even make friends with cats. They love attention and would do various things so their owners will give them that extra treat or pat.

A yorkiepoo is a picky eater who needs to constantly chew something. If its teeth are not often used, it can rot and might need to be pulled out. Expose this dog breed to chew toys at an early age to improve their dental health. A solid food diet is also preferred for this dog breed.

Well taken care of adult dogs that are retrieved from yorkiepoo rescue shelters or came from a loving family are often house trained, behaved, and generally quiet. As this dog breed ages, they prefer to be in a quiet environment where they can have their regular walks and then retired to a quiet rest after. Although deemed as a quiet one, it is innate in the character of the yorkiepoo to be friendly with other dogs and animals, especially those that he shares the same size and attitude with.

The only concern with dogs that came from yorkiepoo rescue is their health. Immediately go visit the vet and get the dog a general check up. Immediate association with other pets without getting a check up can cause contamination if the rescued dog has an illness or infection. Although a crossbreed, the yorkiepoo has a long life of 15 years and they seldom experience health problems. However as the dog ages, common health issues that might eventually come up are muscuskeletal problems and eye problems like cataracts.

All About Yorkiepoos

What are Yorkiepoos?
Known otherwise as Yorkie doodles and Yo-Yopoos, Yorkiepoos are smart, pretty hybrids of Yorkie terriers and toy poodles. Typical Yorkiepoos weigh from 3 to 15 pounds. Known for their sweet personalities, they usually share the dominant traits of the two hybrid parents. Pet owners who prefer hypoallergenic, non-shedding dogs usually go for this dog breed. These dogs are one of the most cherished domestic pets for they can easily be potty trained. And the fact that this hyrbrid is small makes it an ideal pet for people who want to cuddle and bring their pets anywhere they go.

These smart creatures can easily learn basic signs and instructions. The dogs are playful and child-friendly. Parents even let their kids play with their Yorkiepoos which are mostly energetic throughout the day.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) categorizes dogs into 7 groups: herding, hound, non-sporting, sporting, terrier, toy and working. Although they are normally built like a toy breed, these dogs cannot be classified as such because the American Kernel Club (AKC) doesn’t recognize them. It’s because the dogs are not pure bred but rather a mix of two breeds. However, they are recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club. In fact, they are one of the association’s most popular breeds. When spayed and neutered, these dogs can receive an AKC listing number, but this has nothing to do with registration. An AKC listing number will only allow these dogs to join Agility and Obedience competitions and similar contests, but still only pure breeds can be registered with the AKC.

These dogs can exercise themselves indoor and outdoor. First-time owners should be willing to unleash these dogs from time to time and let them run free in parks. Known for their high level of energy, this breed loves walking with pet owners.

History of Yorkiepoos
Over the past decade, these dogs have become popular domestic pets, notably because they are low-shedding and serene pets. The first half of their parentage, the Poodles, originally came from Germany. The second half , Yorkshire Terriers, were originally from Yorkshire City. Yorkshire terriers were traditionally used for capturing rats. Noble families came to love Yorkshire terriers, and the species eventually become a popular domestic pet.

Yorkiepoos are among the most sought designer dogs in the recent years. Designer dogs are breeds that are intended to get superior traits from different breeds. Their original breeders were mainly motivated to produce more likable and marketable dogs. Due to the desire of some breeders to develop low-shedding and healthier breeds of Yorkshire terriers, Yorkiepoos came into life. When it comes to passing traits to their offspring, the mix breed fails to provide trait consistency as seen in pure breeds. Thus, the AKC refuses to recognize these dogs as an official breed. Nonetheless, this breed continues to rise in popularity. Most of these dogs are first generation breed, but there are also multi-generation breeds seen in recent years.

Smart and Adorable Dogs
These dogs demonstrate a good level of intelligence, adaptability and charm. The adorable dogs always want to get the attention of their owners. Simple gestures like licking their owners’ shoes or waging their tails to greet their owners are really heart-warming. Their cute faces and small size make them look like stuff toys you see on stores. Their innocent look captures the heart of both the old and the young.
Even if they are left alone in apartment, they would behave well. They are very active dogs, and you can easily take them for a walk or regular morning jogging. They can be very frisky, especially in the presence of kids. The dogs love moving around indoor and outdoor. Households that love children and the playful nature of the disorders they cause would definitely welcome the restlessness of this breed.

Being a mixed breed, the coat of these dogs can range from curly to straight, which are typical features of either one of their hybrid parents. The colors can also be of either hybrid parents, such as apricot, white, silver and black. The dogs need to be brushed frequently to keep mats from developing.

Generally, these dogs are easier to groom and kept clean. Proper litter box training can be easily accomplished, thanks to the sharp instincts and high level of obedience of this breed. Young Yorkiepoos can easily be taught to go to a particular place, usually an outdoor area, when they need to poo. You can start by training them to use a litter box inside a kitchen or area near the back door. Soon, you can place their customary litter box outdoor, and these dogs would understand they need to always do it outside. Playful and sociable, these dogs can also be stubborn, but this trait can easily be fixed as long as owners are patient enough in providing consistent training.